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We love working with Dee-Anna and Ibolya at Bob Books. It's always a pleasure welcoming them to the studio. The briefs and challenges they set us are always super creative and fun. We really enjoy shooting for them.

I've actually been using Bob Books for years myself to create personal photobooks and fully endorse the products which is a definite bonus. Great to be able to work with a brand you believe in and know to be top quality.

Image for Bob Books web banner

Image for Bob Books web banner

Generally we work together providing content for the website/social media campaigns. The images follow themes which could be based on time of year or activity based. Samantha styles and sources props where necessary to bring the images to life.

New Year's Resolution web banner

New Year's Resolution web banner

Travel web banner

Travel web banner

Christmas web banner

Christmas web banner

Valentines sale web banner

Valentines sale web banner

One of the most fun campaigns we worked on for them was their 10th anniversary shoot. 50 silver balloons were delivered to the studio and Samantha set about arranging with some of their best looking books for a celebratory photo.

10th anniversary web banner

10th anniversary web banner

Dee-Anna and Ibolya often joke they only come to see us so they can visit Bill. We 'think' they're joking. The feeling is totally mutual and Bill loves having them come to visit too. He (we) couldn't resist getting in on the balloon action.

Balloon Bill

Balloon Bill

We were very honoured to be included in Bob Books' blog post 6 Talented Women Working in Photography:

Thank you so much.

To see more about Bob Books or to make your own photobook then just head over to their website:


Photographing books for Al Newman

Clarks, Sound System Culture and In Fine Style

Al Newman is a designer and DJ (Al Fingers) with a keen interest in Reggae and the culture that goes along with it. He put together a great book about Clarks shoes and the history behind the brand's associations with Jamaica.

Clarks in Jamaica

Al was quoted in The Guardian:

“It is kind of niche,” says Newman, with some understatement. “But I thought – it’s such a colourful story, it’s about time someone documented this. I wanted to focus on the music and the Jamaican musicians who have sung about Clarks. Reggae and dancehall stars Dillinger, Trinity, Ranking Joe, Scorcher, Little John, Super Cat and countless others had sung about Clarks in the past. So I went there just over a year ago to interview and photograph musicians, as well as other people on the street wearing the shoes.”

You can read the full article here:

His next book was a collaboration with Mandeep Samra and Paul Huxtable about Huddersfield's connection with Sound System Culture.

Sound System Culture

More info on that book and in fact all of Al's books you can find out more here:

Al's latest project is about the Jamaican graphic artist Wilfred Limonious who produced some of the most iconic dancehall artwork from the 1980's. The book In Fine Style is a collaboration with Canadian writer Christopher Bateman. Al popped into the studio to shoot the book ahead of it's launch and exhibition.

In Fine Style

Published by One Love Books

Spread from In Fine Style

Wilfed Limonious

Another spread from In Fine Style

It's always a pleasure to photograph Al's books and hear about his latest projects. He's well worth investigating further if you're not familiar with his work:

Book photography for a web shop

Matthew Maran’s Hampstead Heath

I have known photographer Matthew Maran for years, we actually went to school together so I could have filled this blog post with embarrassing photos of us both. However, thankfully his new book is so beautiful it makes a lot more sense to showcase that instead.

Hampstead Heath (London's Countryside) is the latest book from wildlife photographer Matthew Maran

After spending years traveling the world as a wildlife photographer, Matt decided to focus (no pun intended) on the homegrown wildlife at Hampstead Heath. Realising that London has it's own unique wildlife to explore.

Spine detail

Matt got in touch as he needed still life book photography for his web shop launch. It was a real pleasure to get a sneak peek of the book ahead of the gallery launch which was last weekend. The book is available here: it really is well worth a look.

Autumn spread

Grebes feeding in Hampstead ponds

Matt also brought along some of his prints to photograph and wanted me to bring out the detail on his monkey stamp which is used to authenticate the prints.

Monkey stamp

If you're interested in seeing more of Matt's work you can do so here: