Beauty Photography for leading Sunday magazine

How skincare got clean for Stella Magazine

Stella Magazine always come up with unique, creative briefs and we love working with them. The concept this time was 'Clean Beauty' so they asked us to fill plain bottles and jars with white cream and to shoot on a neutral white surface perhaps incorporating plinths. The lighting brief was to create beautiful tones and strong shadow.

Samantha sourced some plinths and we were ready to go, after playing around with heights of bottles and the lighting we were very happy with the result.

Clean beauty

The article itself is actually an interesting read by Imelda Burke:

The magazine was published on June 19th and was best read in the sunshine with coffee.

Sunday morning with coffee

There was also a dachshund enjoying a coffee on the cover of the paper which was a nice nod to our very own studio dog Bill Murray.

Bill Murray wondering what happened to his bone.

Editorial Beauty Photography

Stella epic nails

Back in April we were commissioned by Stella Magazine for some editorial beauty photography. They wanted us to shoot some nail polish drips for their beauty special. Much fun was had with pipettes and the studio was full of the delicious aroma of pear drops.

Pipettes full of polish

It was a messy business but well worth it for the finished results. It was published on May 1st and we all enjoyed a nice bank holiday the next day.

Sunday papers.

Epic nails

Drip, drip, drip.