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Aphex Twin’s Cheetah EP (shhhhhh top secret)

We love working with Warp records , one of the guys got in touch about an exciting new Aphex Twin project which we had to keep quiet as it was top secret. We played around with backgrounds, they wanted a retro feel so we tried battered wood and even my table cloth from home. We had no idea which look they would eventually go for.

Then finally on the 7th of June the news broke on Twitter in the UK, although it turns out Japan was actually first and tweeted about it on the 5th.

Poster sent out to Japanese record shop.

Warp had settled for a blue tone to compliment the cover and produced posters which had been sent to record shops all around the world.

Cheetah EP poster

The actual EP isn't out until the 8th of July but it's already sold out on cassette format.

Cheetah cassette

It's still available for pre-order in other formats though.




Curious to see if Aphex Twin will go for another of those iconic videos, perhaps with Chris Cunningham. Loved their collaborations back in the late nineties.

Still from Windowlicker