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We love working with Dee-Anna and Ibolya at Bob Books. It's always a pleasure welcoming them to the studio. The briefs and challenges they set us are always super creative and fun. We really enjoy shooting for them.

I've actually been using Bob Books for years myself to create personal photobooks and fully endorse the products which is a definite bonus. Great to be able to work with a brand you believe in and know to be top quality.

 Image for Bob Books web banner

Image for Bob Books web banner

Generally we work together providing content for the website/social media campaigns. The images follow themes which could be based on time of year or activity based. Samantha styles and sources props where necessary to bring the images to life.

 New Year's Resolution web banner

New Year's Resolution web banner

 Travel web banner

Travel web banner

 Christmas web banner

Christmas web banner

 Valentines sale web banner

Valentines sale web banner

One of the most fun campaigns we worked on for them was their 10th anniversary shoot. 50 silver balloons were delivered to the studio and Samantha set about arranging with some of their best looking books for a celebratory photo.

 10th anniversary web banner

10th anniversary web banner

Dee-Anna and Ibolya often joke they only come to see us so they can visit Bill. We 'think' they're joking. The feeling is totally mutual and Bill loves having them come to visit too. He (we) couldn't resist getting in on the balloon action.

 Balloon Bill

Balloon Bill

We were very honoured to be included in Bob Books' blog post 6 Talented Women Working in Photography:

Thank you so much.

To see more about Bob Books or to make your own photobook then just head over to their website:


Giddy about Giddy Prints

In October of last year Helen and Sue came to the studio to shoot a series of still life images for their Giddy Prints range. They have created a series of beautiful eye catching prints and made cushions and lampshades from them. We shot all the cut outs and also some styled images which were a lot of fun to produce.

The range also has some great names including Dan Francisco and Club Tropicana. I was thrilled they even took on my suggestion for a print called Robot Dreams

Samantha also got involved in hand modelling as well as styling and helped to showcase one of the lampshades.

They are based down in East Sussex and regularly appear at local trade shows but they also have an online shop

Happy New Year from Light Project Photography

Here we go! 2017.

2016 was a shocker for a lot of folks but for us at Light Project it was a great year. Thank you so much to all our clients and supporters.

This time last year we were preparing our studio to get ready for January 25th. There was a lot to be done. Carpets to be ripped up, glue to be scraped off the floor (special thanks to our neighbours Phix for the tips, painting and set building.



With our trusty hard workers Dave Vigay, Jack Baker and Samantha's Dad Paul Jell we set to work. It was a long couple of weeks but we got there with the help of power tools, industrial heaters and lots of coffee.

We're excited about the year ahead and the new opportunities to come.

Here were our best 9 images of 2016 according to our Instagram followers.

Congratulations to Bill Murray the Dachshund for making it in to 3 of the 9 images.

Wishing you all a great 2017.

Styled images for Perfume Company 4160 Tuesdays

Sweet smelling studio

Sarah McCartney was the head writer for cosmetic company Lush for 14 years so no stranger to fragrances. She accidentally launched 4160 Tuesdays whilst researching and writing her novel The Scent of Possibility. Her perfumes are inspired by a place or a person at a certain moment. They are created and bottled in West London (just a stones throw away from us at Light Project). All of the perfumes have the most wonderful names and stories behind them, some examples include: Mrs Gloss made me do it, Mother Nature's naughty daughters, The dark heart of old Havana, Captured by candlelight, Be careful what you wish for.

Sarah popped in to chat through some photography ideas for shooting her latest bottles. We shot all the basic cut outs but the plan was to do some interesting group shots too with props. Samantha prepared a mood board of imagery with some suggestions including perhaps propping the perfumes with some of the key ingredients. Sarah loved the idea and pinged over a list, which evolved into our shopping list!

We started the shoot off with some simple groups before Samantha created some sweet smelling still life set ups.

Apples and Pears group

Apples and Pears group large and small

Crimes of Passion

Crimes of Passion overhead



It was a really fun creative project and the studio has never smelt better! Already looking forward to the next shoot.

Sarah would like to add:

I love my photography, and spend far too much time filling up 4160Tuesdaysperfume our webshop and Instagram with my own snaps. When it comes to the real thing for magazines and other print I always use Jess. My advice: know your limitations - get a proper professional in for the important stuff. She and Sam are top people.

Beauty Photography for leading Sunday magazine

How skincare got clean for Stella Magazine

Stella Magazine always come up with unique, creative briefs and we love working with them. The concept this time was 'Clean Beauty' so they asked us to fill plain bottles and jars with white cream and to shoot on a neutral white surface perhaps incorporating plinths. The lighting brief was to create beautiful tones and strong shadow.

Samantha sourced some plinths and we were ready to go, after playing around with heights of bottles and the lighting we were very happy with the result.

Clean beauty

The article itself is actually an interesting read by Imelda Burke:

The magazine was published on June 19th and was best read in the sunshine with coffee.

Sunday morning with coffee

There was also a dachshund enjoying a coffee on the cover of the paper which was a nice nod to our very own studio dog Bill Murray.

Bill Murray wondering what happened to his bone.

Photographing books for Al Newman

Clarks, Sound System Culture and In Fine Style

Al Newman is a designer and DJ (Al Fingers) with a keen interest in Reggae and the culture that goes along with it. He put together a great book about Clarks shoes and the history behind the brand's associations with Jamaica.

Clarks in Jamaica

Al was quoted in The Guardian:

“It is kind of niche,” says Newman, with some understatement. “But I thought – it’s such a colourful story, it’s about time someone documented this. I wanted to focus on the music and the Jamaican musicians who have sung about Clarks. Reggae and dancehall stars Dillinger, Trinity, Ranking Joe, Scorcher, Little John, Super Cat and countless others had sung about Clarks in the past. So I went there just over a year ago to interview and photograph musicians, as well as other people on the street wearing the shoes.”

You can read the full article here:

His next book was a collaboration with Mandeep Samra and Paul Huxtable about Huddersfield's connection with Sound System Culture.

Sound System Culture

More info on that book and in fact all of Al's books you can find out more here:

Al's latest project is about the Jamaican graphic artist Wilfred Limonious who produced some of the most iconic dancehall artwork from the 1980's. The book In Fine Style is a collaboration with Canadian writer Christopher Bateman. Al popped into the studio to shoot the book ahead of it's launch and exhibition.

In Fine Style

Published by One Love Books

Spread from In Fine Style

Wilfed Limonious

Another spread from In Fine Style

It's always a pleasure to photograph Al's books and hear about his latest projects. He's well worth investigating further if you're not familiar with his work:

Editorial Beauty Photography

Stella epic nails

Back in April we were commissioned by Stella Magazine for some editorial beauty photography. They wanted us to shoot some nail polish drips for their beauty special. Much fun was had with pipettes and the studio was full of the delicious aroma of pear drops.

Pipettes full of polish

It was a messy business but well worth it for the finished results. It was published on May 1st and we all enjoyed a nice bank holiday the next day.

Sunday papers.

Epic nails

Drip, drip, drip.

Fashion cut-out photography for ecommerce

Zakee Shariff’s new clothing line Made to Order

We've been big admirers of Artist and Fashion Designer Zakee Shariff's work for some time and I have one of her prints hanging in my home in pride of place.

Tiger print

Zakee approached us to shoot all the cut out photography for her online web shop. Best of all this meant we got to see her new Made to Order range ahead of the preview and get our orders in first. The new range features beautiful embroidered details and bright motifs.

Davina Jacket

Eve shirt detail

Daisy dress

I'm particularly excited to receive my very own Ella dress. A true thing of beauty.

Ella dress

To shop for the whole range and see more of Zakee's work you can view here:

Book photography for a web shop

Matthew Maran’s Hampstead Heath

I have known photographer Matthew Maran for years, we actually went to school together so I could have filled this blog post with embarrassing photos of us both. However, thankfully his new book is so beautiful it makes a lot more sense to showcase that instead.

Hampstead Heath (London's Countryside) is the latest book from wildlife photographer Matthew Maran

After spending years traveling the world as a wildlife photographer, Matt decided to focus (no pun intended) on the homegrown wildlife at Hampstead Heath. Realising that London has it's own unique wildlife to explore.

Spine detail

Matt got in touch as he needed still life book photography for his web shop launch. It was a real pleasure to get a sneak peek of the book ahead of the gallery launch which was last weekend. The book is available here: it really is well worth a look.

Autumn spread

Grebes feeding in Hampstead ponds

Matt also brought along some of his prints to photograph and wanted me to bring out the detail on his monkey stamp which is used to authenticate the prints.

Monkey stamp

If you're interested in seeing more of Matt's work you can do so here:

Photographing a campaign for a New Product (New Product Information)

Aphex Twin’s Cheetah EP (shhhhhh top secret)

We love working with Warp records , one of the guys got in touch about an exciting new Aphex Twin project which we had to keep quiet as it was top secret. We played around with backgrounds, they wanted a retro feel so we tried battered wood and even my table cloth from home. We had no idea which look they would eventually go for.

Then finally on the 7th of June the news broke on Twitter in the UK, although it turns out Japan was actually first and tweeted about it on the 5th.

Poster sent out to Japanese record shop.

Warp had settled for a blue tone to compliment the cover and produced posters which had been sent to record shops all around the world.

Cheetah EP poster

The actual EP isn't out until the 8th of July but it's already sold out on cassette format.

Cheetah cassette

It's still available for pre-order in other formats though.




Curious to see if Aphex Twin will go for another of those iconic videos, perhaps with Chris Cunningham. Loved their collaborations back in the late nineties.

Still from Windowlicker

Social media photography and promotion

The fruitless quest for free beer

In honour of National Beer Day.

Here at Light Project we love a Friday afternoon beer around 4.15 and a bit of Steve Wright's Serious Jockin' (yup, we're not ashamed).

A nice drop of Punk IPA

Like most folks these days we're keen to try the latest craft beers. We ordered ourselves a mixed case of Brewdog beers and suddenly the photo opportunities seemed to flood in. We have a studio dog/PR Manager called Bill Murray. We couldn't resist getting him involved in our social media photography and promotion, hoping to snag some free beer in the process.

Contains bark and bite.

This particular afternoon was a lot of fun and luckily Bill isn't averse to a spot of dressing up. We simply couldn't resist when Elvis Juice was launched.


Thank you very much.......

Alas, our efforts were fruitless but we had a lot of fun along the way and drank some tasty brews.

Bill ponders the universe